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Human remains found in wheel of plane coming from Afghanistan

Officials are reporting that they have discovered human remains in the wheel well of a U.S Air Force Cargo plane that took off from Afghanistan on Monday.

The remains were discovered after the landed at al-Udeid Air Base in the Gulf state of Qatar.

The plane initially landed at Kabul airport to deliver equipment for a  U.S.-directed evacuation effort due to the Taliban takeover, however, once the plane landed, it was immediately surrounded by hundreds of Afghan civilians who breeched the security perimeter.

Due to the worsening security situation, the flight crew made the decision to take off without unloading the equipment.

Video from the scene showed hundreds of civilians clinging to the plane as it rolled down the runway in preparation for the flight.

Authorities did not say how many human remains were found in the wheel well, however, it was said earlier in the week that at least seven people died while attempting to escape the region.