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Human remains found in the search for former NFL player’s girlfriend

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(Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

The Harris County Sheriff’s department has announced that they have located human remains in the search for a former NFL player’s girlfriend.

29-year-old Taylor Pomaski was reported missing in April of 2021.

Police reported that Pomaski was last seen leaving a party on the 25th with former tight-end Kevin Ware.

Ware was eventually named a suspect in Pomaski’s disappearance in early June.

He then was arrested on June 11th after he failed to appear in court in connection to a separate drugs and weapons charges case.

He has been held in jail since.

Investigators say they found remains in connection to the Pomaski case last week, however, they were unsure if they belonged to the victim:

“At this time, investigators are unclear on the identity of the remains, but investigators believe them to be related to the Pomaski case,” Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. “Identification of the remains will be carried out by the HC Institute of Forensic Sciences.”

As of now, Ware has not been charged in connection to Pomaski’s disappearance.