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Human remains found in home where children had been removed during abuse investigation

Officials in Phoenix, Arizona are reporting that they have discovered human skeletal remains inside of a home where three children had previously been removed by the Department of Child Safety.

The discovery was made Tuesday after the Phoenix Police Department was called to the home due to the report of a fire.

Officials say they were first made aware of the conditions inside the home on Monday after an 11-year-old girl called authorities to report that she had been left inside the home alone. When authorities arrived to the home, they found the child had in fact been left alone and also found evidence that the child may have been abused.

The child was then taken into DCS custody.

The department returned to the home a day later after learning that there were two additional children ages 4 and 9 who also lived in the home. They too were taken into DCS custody.

Several hours later, a neighbor contacted police to report that their neighbor’s house was on fire.

Authorities were able to put out the fire inside the home and while doing so, discovered human remains.

Officials then arrested 50-year-old Maribel Loera and 56-year-old Rafael Loera.

Both are facing child abuse charges while Rafael Loera faces additional charges of concealing human body parts, endangerment, and arson.

Authorities have yet to identify the remains nor have they indicated if they belong to an adult or a child.