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HS basketball coaches charged with murder in death of student

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Two Georgia high school basketball coaches have been charged with murder after a student suffered a heat stroke while practicing outside.

The incident occurred at Elite Scholars Academy in Clayton County in August of 2019.

According to the report, the 16-year-old junior was participating in required conditioning drills for the girls’ basketball team when she collapsed after running up the football stadium steps.

She was rushed to an area hospital where she died of heat-related cardiac arrest and kidney failure, according to a lawsuit filed by her family.

It was reported that the temperature was in the high 90s and that the area was under a heat advisory, yet the coaches made the team do extensive drills in the heat.

The lawsuit claims the coaches violated a Georgia High School Association rule banning outdoor practices in harsh weather conditions. The lawsuit also claimed that school officials put the team in danger by not initially checking the weather.

Both Larosa Walker-Asekere who was identified as the head coach, and Dwight Palmer who was identified as an assistant, have been charged with murder and child cruelty.