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House votes to impeach Donald J. Trump an historic second time

With one week left in his first term, the US House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump on one article of impeachment. House Democrats on Monday introduced an article of impeachment charging President Trump with “high crimes and misdemeanors” for inciting the mob that assaulted the Capitol on Wednesday.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Trump a “clear and present danger” as she signed the single article alleging incitement of an insurrection impeaching the president for an historic second time.

Ten Republicans voted with the Democrats for impeachment which now will go to the Senate for trial.

Unfortunately, Senators will not be able to hear arguments in an impeachment trial before Trump officially leaves office next week. Also, the trial will interfere with the confirmations of the incoming Biden administration. But, democrats now say they can “double track” the trial and President Biden’s agenda. Undoubtedly, Biden will make sweeping changes via executive order during his first hundred days.

Here is Nancy Pelosi signing the impeachment article.

If and when the Senate actually holds the impeachment trial, it is unclear if more Republicans will turn on Trump to successfully convict him which requires a two-thirds vote.

The whole point of the impeachment of a president who is no longer in office is apparently to prevent Trump from ever holding public office again. He has already been completely “deplatformed” on social media. Trump was even kicked off YouTube and Pinterest.

In a videotaped response to his second impeachment, Trump again condemned the violence of January 6th and called for law and order in the coming days in advance of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Currently there are 15-thousand armed troops positioned at the Capitol to protect the peaceful transfer of power by preventing any future “domestic terrorism.” This contingent of soldiers in D.C. eclipses the number currently still stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.