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Hostage stabbed 15 times in Central Florida

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A woman is recovering in the hospital after she was stabbed multiple times during a hostage situation.

The incident was reported on Saturday at a home in Hudson, Florida.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office say they were called to a home on Hicks Road where they encountered the suspect holding the victim hostage in a bedroom.  Authorities say the woman had been stabbed several times and was being held at knife point.

“It almost looked like a horror movie where somebody had that much blood all over them,” said Sheriff Chris Nocco said during a press conference.

Deputies told the suspect to drop the knife several times, however, the suspect refused to do so. The suspect then reportedly made another move toward the victim and that’s when deputies opened on the suspect.

“They had to take action that no law enforcement officer ever wishes to do and that’s to fire their weapon,” said Nocco. “But they had to, to save her life.”

The victim was taken to an area hospital for treatment. There has been no word on the suspect’s condition.

While authorities did not say how the suspect and the victim knew each other, they did say that they had a close relationship and that the suspect had prior domestic violence charges.