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Homeless man uses his own blood to deface Holocaust memorial

police Black and white close-up of silver handcuffs

A 44-year-old homeless man is now facing charges after he reportedly defaced a Holocaust memorial with blood.

The incident occurred on April 12th at The Holocaust Memorial of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, at 1933-1945 Meridian Ave.

Witnesses say the suspect Christopher Green,  was seen in front of the memorial digging into his forearm to make himself bleed.

He then used the blood on his fingers to draw on the memorial before fleeing the scene.

“The defendant then used his blood to smear it against the Holocaust museum wall. The defendant wrote numerous letters of the alphabet in his blood. The letters he wrote did not spell anything readable,” according to an arrest form.

Green was eventually arrested on April 14th after authorities spotted him walking east on the Macarthur Causeway.

He has since been charged with1 count of criminal mischief on a place of worship.