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Hit men kill wrong woman and neighbor

Terrebonne Parish police

Investigators in Louisiana are reporting that two men who were hired by a man facing rape charges to kill his accuser, accidently killed the victim’s mother and and her neighbor.

The incident was reported on January 13th at a home in Terrebonne Parish.

Officials say 35-year-old Beaux Cormier who was originally arrested on 3rd-degree rape charges after he allegedly raped his niece, hired 25-year-old Andrew Eskine and 22-year-old Dalvin Wilson to kill his accuser so that she could not testify against him.

Beaux was first said to have accompanied Eskine and Wilson to conduct surveillance on the home before Eskine and Wilson were sent to the home alone to finish the job.

When the two suspects arrived to the home, they asked for the Beaux’s niece, however, his sister Brittany and mother of the victim, answered the door and pretended to be her daughter.  The men then shot and killed her. Cormier’s neighbor identified as Hope Nettleton attempted to help  fight off the men, however, she was also shot and killed before the men fled the scene.

According to police, the niece who Beaux had attempted to kill on a previous occasion, was said to be hiding in a closet with her stepsister when the incident took place.

“It all gone west since we started investigating this case,” Sheriff Tim Soignet said to the Advocate in a phone interview. ” We knew there was a pending, pretty solid rape case there, which provided motive.”

During a police interview one of them men identified Beaux as the one who hired them to kill his niece.

Both suspects have been arrested and are facing  first-degree murder charges. A $2 million bond has been set in both cases. District Attorney Joe Waitz Jr. also told reporters that “The death penalty is definitely on the table.”

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