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Highland suspect’s fling with sex doll; Father retains R Kelly’s defense attorney

(ILLINOIS) — The father of the Highland Park shooting suspect Robert Crimo III, who was charged with slaughtering 8 in a deadly mass shooting at an Illinois Fourth of July parade, appeared in court for the first time on Wednesday.

The alleged shooter’s parents have retained R Kelly’s defense attorney, Steve Greenberg, to represent them in court, as the father is being accused of supplying weapons to his son.

Greenberg issued his first public statement since Crimo’s arrest.

Additionally, the confessed Highland shooter and former rapper, “Awake the Rapper,” had a prolific online presence and posted ludicrous activities on his social media accounts, including his affair with an Asian teen sex doll who he named “Sophie.” Crimo claims she is 15-years-old (in doll years).

Crimo posted images of “Sophie” sitting in the passenger’s seat of his Acura, with a “p*ssy magnet” sticker in the back window, along with a shocking image of Sophie’s “suicide”, as he hung his rubber lover from the closet rod.

Crimo is currently being held without bond and is charged with seven counts of first-degree murder, with many more charges pending.

Staff Writer, Julianna Caban, contributed to the story.