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“High and happy” Florida man arrested for DUI

AP PhotoJohn Raoux - 2022-02-17T154223.528

A Jupiter, Florida man is facing DUI charges after he was found to be under the influence when he was pulled over by police.

Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies say that they pulled over 51-year-old Theodore John Evans after receiving several reports of a person in a Toyota RAV4 driving erratically.

It was said that the driver was running red lights, passing in no-passing zones, and not staying in one lane of traffic according to the police report.

When authorities caught up to him, Evans told police that he was “high and happy due to his use of a vape pen.” Police reported that Evans was speaking quickly and nonsensically and his eyes were watery and bloodshot.

In addition to that, authorities said that he failed field sobriety tests.

Officials say they searched Evans car and found marijuana candies, a glass pipe, and a vape pen.

He was taken into custody charged with a DUI.