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Hebrew school teacher fired after reportedly sending nudes to students

(AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

Officials in Miami Beach are reporting that a teacher at the Hebrew Academy has been fired from her job after she allegedly sent nude photos of herself to several former students.

According to the report, Alexandra Handwerger who was the head of the English Department at the academy, was fired from her job earlier this month.

The school says they made the decision after they learned that several 18-year-old men and former students who are now studying in Israel, received the in appropriate photos from Handwerger via the Snapchat app.

Leaders of the school say that when they confronted the teacher about the allegations on how the men got ahold of the photos, Handwerger initially told them that she could not remember, but later  admitted to taking the photos.

Handwerger’s attorney Jude Faccidomo says that the allegations against his client are false:

“My client hasn’t seen any photographs. I haven’t seen any photographs, so I’m not in a position to comment on them,” Faccidomo said. ” There’s no criminal allegations here. It’s curious that Miami Beach Police are investigating it. We certainly understand the need to, and again, we welcome it.”

The academy has since sent a message to parent’s informing them of the situation:

“We received information that there is a video and possible photos of a former teacher is a video and possible photos of a former teacher that are inappropriate. It is our understanding that some graduates and current students may have received copies of the videos and/ or photos. We are unaware of how our students received the videos/photos at this time, but have been and continue to conduct a thorough investigation regarding the entirety of this serious matter.

No charges have been filed at this time.