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Hawk-eyed spectators baffled after spotting spider frolicking on Queen’s coffin

(LONDON, UK) — Everyone…wanted to pay their respects.

Hawk-eyed spectators of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral service were left bewildered after noticing the attendance of a creepy-crawly arachnid on the top of a letter written by King Charles III on Her Majesty’s coffin.

Viewers immediately took to Twitter, expressing outrage on the miniature mutiny:

“My granddaughter spotted the spider and said I hope the soldiers carrying the Queen aren’t afraid of spiders,” one user said.

“The spider realizing its’ accidentally become a part of the Queen’s funeral.”

“Spider on Queen Elizabeth’s coffin now more famous than fly on Mike Pence’s head,” another said, referencing the infamous fly that bugged former VP Pence during a debate in 2020.

Placed on top of the Queen’s coffin was a specially selected bouquet ordered by King Charles III, which featured symbolic florals featured in her wedding to the late Prince Philip.

The lavish wreath contained rosemary, English Oak and Myrtle, which stemmed to the Queen’s wedding bouquet.