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Giuliani to Fox News: More Voter Fraud Lawsuits Are Coming

Wait to see what happens this week!

That’s what Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, is telling Fox News about lawsuits surrounding the disputed election results.

Giuliani told the network on Sunday morning that he plans to have four or five lawsuits alleging voter fraud to be filed in battleground states by the end of this week.

He says, “There is strong evidence that this was an election that at least three or four states and possibly 10, it was stolen. In other words it was based on false votes. Now you can’t let that election go into history without challenging that.”

The comments came as the president tweeted:

In addition, Giuliani explains that thousands of votes in Pennsylvania were actually “completely invalid.”

The focus there, he says, is on civil rights being violated in the counting of votes in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Specifically, Giuliani claims, “We’re at now 450,000 definite mail-in ballots that they separated from the envelope, threw the envelope away. We can never tell if they’re valid or not.”

North Carolina continues to accept mail-in ballot, where the president remains in the lead.