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Guest arrested at Walt Disney World for refusing temperature check, allegedly spending $15K

A Disney World vacation got off to bad start for Kelly Sills, 47, of Baton Rouge, he was arrested on February 13 after he refused to get his temperature checked at Disney Springs restaurant.

Sills allegedly claims he spent $15K on a Disney World vacation, he quickly learned that if your not following all of the rules set in place for Covid-19 safety, you will be escorted out and charged with trespassing.

He pleaded not guilty to trespassing.

An arrest report said Sills skipped the restaurant’s temperature screening tent, refused to go back to be tested and wouldn’t leave the property once asked by Disney and the deputies.

The Orange County Sherriff’s’ Office provided FOX 35 with body camera video on the incident. Stills could be heard saying “I spent 15,000 to come here” several times throughout the video. “I paid $15,000.”

Another person in the video is heard telling Stills, “All you had to do was get a temperature checked.”

Eventually, the deputy reportedly told him he would count to three and if he did not start walking, he would be subject to arrest. After all of the drama, he allegedly told one of the police officers he was willing to have his temperature checked.

The police officers reportedly told him that his temperature would be checked at jail.