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Group of Haitian migrants taken into custody

A group of Haitian migrants was detained by the federal officials after coming ashore in South Florida on Tuesday afternoon, officials said.

Officials received a call around 3 p.m. Tuesday regarding possible migrants who had illegally come ashore in Key Biscayne, in the area of Crandon Park.

U.S. Border patrol and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were among the responding agencies.

Witnesses pointed agents in the direction of two other men running away inside the golf course at Crandon Park.

Chief Patrol Agent Thomas G. Martin with the U.S. Border Patrol posted on Twitter that a total of 42 people were taken into custody.

Among the migrants were men, women and children.

Alexandra Audate is an immigration attorney. She is also Haitian American.

“I am heartbroken but not surprised,” she said. “Coming to the United States by boat is always dangerous and it’s so sad, but survival is really key here, and people are going through a lot.”

Border Patrol said for now, all immigrants would detained as the investigation into their arrival continued.