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Great White Sharks are Florida’s Newest Snow Birds

There are at least five great white sharks hanging out off the coast of Florida for the winter like water-logged snow birds.
A great white shark, first tagged in Nova Scotia, is now hanging out off the coast of Florida.

Unama’ki, a 15-foot female weighing more than 2,000 pounds, pinged off Panama City Beach on Saturday night.

Ocearch has been following Unama’ki since 2019 when crews tagged her off Scaterie Island, Nova Scotia. She’s traveled more than 2700 miles since then.

Unama’ki is the biggest white shark currently pinging on the shark tracker, Ocearch said.

In fact, there are five great white sharks near Key West or west of that area.

They include:

Nova, male, 11 feet, 6 inches, 1186 lbs. (Last ping: Feb. 4)
Brunswick, male, 8 feet, 9 inches, 431 lbs. (Last ping: Jan. 27)
Helena, female, 12 feet, 5 inches, 1314 lbs. (Last ping: Feb. 1)
Ironbound, male, 21 feet, 4 inches, 994 lbs. (Last ping, Jan. 5)

You can track the sharks using the Ocearch Shark Tracker.