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Great White Shark Lingering Around Florida Nearly Sets Records

The waters around Florida are active in more ways than one these days.

According to reports from WFOR-TV and The Tampa Bay Times, our region recently had quite the jaw-dropping visitor…several times and in several locations.

A 15-foot great white shark weighing in at a whopping 2,000-pounds was recently observed in the ocean near Vero Beach and Key Largo, as well as in the Bahamas.

Despite the large size, that’s apparently not a record though.

Courtesy: Facebook/Ocearch

That accolade belongs to a 16-foot that was tagged eight years ago.

In this case, scientists with Ocearch have spent the past year using a tracker to monitor the shark, since it was near Canada.

They say the tracker pinged several times within the past few days, as it located the mammal just off our coast.

The shark, which might be pregnant, is named Unama’ki.