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Grandmother who ran over her 18-month granddaughter and fled the scene now in custody

Louisville Metropolitan Department of Corrections
Louisville Metropolitan Department of Corrections

Jeffersonville, IN– Police say the grandmother who accidentally ran over her 18-month-old granddaughter who ran out of a motel excited to see her, is now in custody.
51-year-old Lisa G. Tesch was been arrested earlier this week in Louisville, Kentucky after fleeing the scene of the fatality in June.
The victim’s mother says she was staying at a Motel 6 with her daughter and her boyfriend when the child darted out of the room after her boyfriend opened the door.
The child then ran straight into the path of Tesch’s vehicle and was run over.
Tesch reportedly sped away from the scene, leaving her granddaughter to die.
The child was rushed to an area hospital where she later died.
After about a month of searching for Tesch, authorities received information that she had been hiding out in the 200 block of Glendora Avenue.
Authorities arrested Tesch and another family member, Joshua David, without incident.
Officials say Tesch already had outstanding warrants in Kentucky before she fatally ran over her granddaughter in Indiana.
“Detectives from both sides of the river have worked tirelessly since that incident to bring Lisa Tesch to justice,” police wrote.
Tesch has been charged with failure to remain at the scene of an accident resulting in death. She is also accused of a probation violation in Indiana for unrelated charges of resisting law enforcement by using a vehicle, possession of a narcotic drug, criminal recklessness, reckless driving at an unreasonable high or low speed to endanger safety, and possession of marijuana.