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Grandmother of victim arrested for threatening a witness

Clearwater Police
Clearwater Police

CLEARWATER, FL– The 58-year-old grandmother of a murder victim has been arrested after she allegedly threatened one of the witnesses in the case.
Peggy Camarillo was taken into custody this week on a charge of tampering with a witness after she used Facebook to send threatening messages to a woman who was present when her grandson was killed.
“I have to bury my baby in a couple of days and you know how hard that is going to be I will not be responsible for my actions,” Camarillo wrote. “Remember I am a crazy (expletive deleted) and I am not going to deal with this so your best bet is to get the (expletive deleted) away from here you’ll never live peaceful in this town that’s a promise.”
Authorities say the messages made the witness flee the state before the court hearings.
Michael Conrad was shot and killed inside of an apartment on July 6th. Authorities say Conrad and the murder suspect 23-year-old Stuart Beck, were in a relationship with the same woman.
Beck has since been arrested for Conrad’s murder.