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“Grandma” send attempted carjacking suspect to the hospital

WASHINGTON, DC– A 15-year-old boy was sent to the hospital after he attempted to carjack an older woman and she fought back.
The incident occurred around 8:30 a.m. Friday on 22nd Street in the Southeast neighborhood.
The woman who only wanted to be identified as “Grandma” told reporters that she was on her way to chemotherapy when the teen attacked her.
“Next thing I know, he walked up talking about, ‘give me your keys, I got a gun.’ I said, ‘baby, you better shoot me because you’re not taking my car.’”
Grandma says that’s when the teen pushed her to the door. Instead of staying down, the woman says she got up and started fighting the teen.
I grabbed him and was hitting his ass, and hitting him and fighting him and I said, ‘you not going to take my car, youngin.””
The woman eventually called for help and that’s when her neighbors came outside.
The teen tried to flee the scene but was captured by the neighbors as he ran across the street.
“They caught him and I said, ‘oh, you going to jail today. You definitely going to jail, yes you are,” she said.
Authorities say the teen was taken to the hospital for injuries he received while trying to flee the scene.
Officials also reported that the gun found on the teen was fake.
Once he is released from the hospital he will be facing armed carjacking charges.