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Governor Ron DeSantis passes Greyson’s Law aimed at protecting children from parental harm

Justice Scales and books and wooden gavel
Justice Scales and books and wooden gavel

TALLAHASSEE, FL– Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a bill into law that would make it easier for courts to remove a child from a home if it is believed that the child is at risk of parental harm.

“Greyson’s Law,” named after a 4-year-old Broward County boy who lost his life in 2021 at the hands of his father, was signed on Wednesday. 

Greyson’s mother Alison Kessler, fought hard to remove the access Greyson’s father had to him and to her but the law was not on her side:

“His behavior is erratic and escalating, and I fear for my life, my boyfriend’s life, and most of all my child. He is unstable mentally,” she wrote in one of her petitions, CBS4 News reports.

 Kessler’s petitions were not granted because while Greyson’s father threatened her repeatedly over text messages, voicemail, and email, none of the threats were directed toward Greyson.

In May of that year, disaster struck, Kessler petitioned for an emergency pick up after finding that Greyson had not been in school for two days and his father could not be contacted. 

“The father is wrongfully detaining the minor child,” her attorney wrote in the petition, according to court records obtained by CBS4 News. “The Mother is justifiably concerned the minor child may be injured in the Father’s care.”

The petition was again denied with the judge stating that the motion “does not present an emergency as it addresses the issue of child visitation.” 

Unfortunately, both the son and father were eventually found dead in the father’s Fort Lauderdale Condo.

Authorities say Greyson’s father shot Greyson before turning the gun on himself.  

Greyson’s law would make it easier for the court to remove a child from a parent or guardian if there is a concern for the safety or wellbeing of the child or the other parent from the above said parent or guardian.

The law is expected to go into effect on July 1st.