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Governor DeSantis Maintains High Approval Rating

A new poll shows that Ron DeSantis is maintaining a high approval rating one year after taking office.

DeSantis told voters when he defeated Democratic rival Andrew Gillum in January 2019, “All I can promise is the sweat off my brow, a full heart, my best judgment and the courage of my convictions.”

From April to December, Governor DeSantis maintained more than 60 percent approval among Floridians, according to the Mason-Dixon poll. As of last month, only 26 percent of the state’s residents disapproved of the job he is doing.

Florida State University political science professor explains, “Even 40% of the Democrats approve of his governorship. That’s amazing, particularly this day and age with so much partisanship.”

She believes the reason is because DeSantis has had no scandals, and has been active in creating as well as pushing policy.

In addition, he has embraced environmental concerns and the legalization of medical marijuana, as well as an initiative to increase teacher pay.

Weissert says, “I don’t want to say he’s not partisan. Clearly he is. But, I think he has surprised many Democrats and surprised many people.”

She expects President Trump to rely on DeSantis to help him win the Sunshine State in the upcoming election.

Among the governor’s goals for the 2020 legislative session, which begins next week, are the passage of a proposal that would allow college athletes to request payment for use of their likeness, as well as requiring E-Verify for employment, and providing more money for Florida Forever, a program geared toward the conservation and acquisition of recreational land.