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Governor DeSantis Announces Plans to Re-open Florida with Trump

President Trump is applauding Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ handling of the coronavirus in the sunshine state.

During an Oval Office meeting, Trump said the Republican governor is doing a “spectacular job.”

DeSantis argued that Florida’s death rate has been lower than people would have expected. He also claimed the state’s ability to test for the coronavirus is now exceeding demand. DeSantis was widely criticized for not taking steps to shut down spring break activities in beach communities.

DeSantis was pressed about why he closed his state with a “safer at home” policy later than others.

He said Florida took a more tailored approach to the coronavirus and accused some other states of implementing “draconian” measures.

Trump noted Florida, his new place of residence, has been taking advantage of stay-at-home orders by having construction crews repair roads and bridges.

The Lt. Govenor Jeanette Nunez talked with the South Florida Morning Show about the Governor’s plans to reopen the state.