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Gov. DeSantis Says Florida’s Election Performance “Vanquished the Ghosts” of 2000

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis believes the state has finally shed a reputation it has carried for having election delays and recounts since the 2000 recount battle between George W. Bush and Al Gore.

The comments came during a Wednesday news conference in which the governor discussed the voting process across the state’s 67 counties.

He explained that election officials and workers were equally dedicated to ensuring that people could vote with no concerns over safety or security.

DeSantis then went on to say, “Perhaps 2020 was the year that we finally vanquished the ghosts of Bush vs. Gore.”

Election officials and workers handled 11 million ballots in total, WTVJ says.

According to the governor, that restores confidence in Florida’s election procedures, and could cause the state to serve as an example to others around the country.

Much of the credit goes to Secretary of State Laura Lee and her efforts to streamline and secure the process, says DeSantis.