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Gov. DeSantis orders National Guard to return to Florida

Virus Outbreak Floirida National guard
(AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has given an order for the National Guard troops who were sent to assist in the inauguration of President Joe Biden to return home to Florida. The order was given on Thursday night one day after the inauguration and after several photos surfaced showing National Guards men and women reportedly sleeping on the floor of the Capitol garage.

According to the National Guard Bureau, only 10,600 of the nearly 26,000 troops remained on duty after the inauguration. The bureau says that the Guard is assisting states with the coordination and logistics of the returning troops. During the inauguration, the troops were scattered across D.C to help secure public monuments, metro entrances the Capitol building and the perimeter of Central D.C after the Capitol Riot earlier this month.