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Gov. DeSantis issues mandatory quarantine order for those traveling from NY

Governor Ron DeSantis says he is issuing an executive order for those traveling to Florida from New York and surrounding areas to self-quarantine for 14-days.

Gov. DeSantis made the announcement Monday during a press conference in his Tallahassee office.

DeSantis says since New York and many surrounding states have been issued mandatory lockdowns, many people are fleeing to Florida which does not have one.

While the state of Florida makes a lot of it’s money through tourism, the governor says that at least 100 flights a day leave the New York area which has been called an epicenter for the virus, and head to Florida. Of those flights, at least one person per flight, is infected with the new coronavirus.

DeSantis says he has been in touch with federal officials about the flights, however, he has not received a response from them as of yet.

For now, DeSantis says travelers arriving from the area will be screened and told they must self-quarantine. DeSantis also said that those travelers will not be allowed to stay with family members or friends because that is how the virus is spread.

Additionally the governor stated that anyone found not following quarantine measures is subjected to be arrested on a second-degree misdemeanor charge which may result in a 60-day jail sentence.