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Gov. DeSantis, Voting Officials to Trump: No Need to Delay Election

Florida election officials, along with Gov. Ron DeSantis, responded Thursday to President Trump’s suggestion that November’s election be delayed.

For several months, the president has voiced his concerns about mail-in voting, calling it “fraudulent.”

On Thursday morning, Trump took the debate to another level, tweeting:


“So he’s asking that the election be delayed?” DeSantis said. “There’s been a lot, a lot, of effort that’s been put into it … and I think Florida will be ready to go.”

Hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots have already been sent in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties, and election supervisors say those documents will be safe, secure and counted when they are returned. https://twitter.com/pbcelections/status/1270729708838273025?s=20

“I can assure you that voting by mail is a safe and secure voting method,” Miami-Dade’s Supervisor of Elections, Christina White, told Miami television station WPLG.

“The beauty of election law in Florida is that voters have options,” she continued. “They can vote in the method that they feel confident in and secure in and prefer. So, whether it’s vote by mail, going during early voting or election day, voters have that choice.”

Broward Elections Supervisor Pete Antonacci expects 60 percent of ballots to arrive by mail.

“People are a little uncomfortable showing up in person for someplace that could have crowds, so they’re availing themselves to the convenience of kitchen table voting,” he said.

For the record, only Congress could change the election date.