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UPDATED: Gov. DeSantis: Feds Support Florida COVID-19 Policies

Gov. Ron DeSantis announced during a second briefing Wednesday that President Trump has granted his request for a FEMA disaster declaration, which provides the state with federal funding to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

In an effort to protect senior citizens, especially those with underlying health issues, DeSantis also said the surgeon general is advising those people to stay at home.

“The numbers that we have, as we have expanded testing, the data is just overwhelming that if you are not in one of those two groups, your chance of suffering a fatality is extremely low,” he added.

Additionally, the governor reiterated the need for travelers to from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to self isolate if they are arriving to the Sunshine State by plane.

“People are fleeing from New York (since the stay at home order was imposed Friday) … we have to take precautions here,” said DeSantis.

The National Guard is stationed at all Florida airports and is screening passengers from New York; all arrivals are ordered to self-isolate for 14 days.

Another state order requires anyone who has traveled from New York state in the past three weeks to quarantine for 14 days in order to help stop the spread of the virus.

“We don’t want there to be any fallout in the state of Florida,” said DeSantis, adding that New York City is the “epicenter” for the coronavirus in the U.S.

According to DeSantis, the federal government supports that decision, calling it a thoughtful and data-driven approach.

Our state has 1,977 confirmed cases at this time, with 141 in Palm Beach County, 412 in Broward, and 491 cases in Miami-Dade.

There is a new death from COVID-19 in Florida as of Wednesday evening. That brings the statewide total to 23.

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