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Gov. Cuomo Considers Quarantine for People Traveling from Florida

Andrew Cuomo
FILE- In this March 24, 2020, file photo, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks during a news conference at the Jacob Javits Center in New York (AP Photo/John Minchillo, File)

People traveling from Florida to New York may soon be required to quarantine upon their arrival in the Big Apple, in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Thursday.

Cuomo called the move, which he is still contemplating, a “full 180,” after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis required those traveling from New York to Florida to go into quarantine in late March.

“If you went to Florida, you had to quarantine for two weeks because they were afraid that New Yorkers were bringing the virus to their state,” Cuomo said Thursday, according to the Daily News.

He went on to say, “You want to talk about a full 180. Fast forward a hundred days, now we’re afraid they’re bringing the virus to our state.”

New York may also require people traveling from any states that are experience seeing upticks in COVID-19 cases to quarantine, the Daily News explains.

“I haven’t made a decision yet, but I have had experts advise me of that. It is a real concern,” Cuomo said. “It could happen, and it’s something I’m considering.”

Last month, DeSantis said his order, which he passed as cases in New York began to rise quickly, helped to prevent deaths. The order remains in effect.

Gov. Cuomo’s comments come as Florida sees a rise in coronavirus cases and deaths.

The state added an all-time record 3,207 cases in one day on Thursday, according to the Florida Department of Health. The previous record, which was set last Tuesday, was 2,783 cases.