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Surfs up! Watch a manatee try to borrow a Florida child’s surfboard

FORT PIERCE, Fla.– A family of four had an unusual encounter while surfing in Fort Pierce on the 4th of July.

The Blaise family was spending time together surfing near the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park when two manatees swam over to them.

Leesa Blaise said the manatees showed some interest in her husband and twin sons and began swimming toward them.

After circling them for about ten minutes, one of the manatees tried to commandeer the surfboard belonging to Evan Blaise, one of the twin boys.

The moment was captured by a GoPro attached to Evan’s board.

In the video, the manatee placed one of its flippers on Evan’s surfboard and the young man calmly lets the sea cow borrow it for a moment.

Not long after the interaction, the manatees swam away.