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Good Samaritans rescue police officer from attacker

Four good Samaritans rescued a police officer after a traffic stop became violent.
The incident occurred on September 10th near Lake County Executive Airport at 4.24 p.m.
According to the report, an officer conducted a traffic stop on a driver who was speeding in the area of Lost Nation Road.
When the officer approached the vehicle, the driver 64-year-old David Koubeck, informed the officer that his driver’s license was in the back of the car and out of reach.
Koubeck exited his vehicle and opened the rear driver’s side door. The officer then told Koubeck to get out of the roadway and that’s when he became agitated.
The 64-year-old man then pointed a gesture in the officer’s face.
As Koubeck continued to ignore the officer’s orders a physical struggle ensued.
Four witnesses saw the altercation and quickly came to the officer’s rescue.
The four people restrained the suspect until he could be taken into custody.
The officer was taken to an area hospital with minor injuries.
Koubeck has since been charged with assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, and speeding.
According to the report, Koubeck was transported to Windsor-Laurelwood mental health care facility for an examination.
His preliminary hearing in Willoughby Municipal Court was rescheduled until Sept. 22.