“Go Girl Ride” will be providing safe rideshare for women

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The service is set to launch in Portland on Juneteenth.

A Black-owned rideshare by women for women is taking a seat at the rideshare table.

The owner’s mission is to provide a service for women and no-binary people to ride and feel safe.

Founder Trenelle Doyle says the idea was sparked while she was an Uber driver and would hear stories about people feeling unsafe in other rides.

She says it’s something she’s experienced firsthand, Doyle says she wants to inspire change.

With the rise in sex trafficking, Doyle wants to do her part in helping all women feel safe.

Doyle says Juneteenth is the perfect launch date because it’s about the liberation of Black people.

After the service goes live in Portland, the ride-share service will expand to other cities that have a high rate of sex trafficking.

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