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Giuliani tells Arizona lawmakers “you have the power to stop the steal”

Phoenix, Arizona – President Trump’s election legal team is testifying before Arizona lawmakers today presenting evidence of election fraud that they say taints well over 100,000 votes. He told lawmakers that certifying the fraudulent election results would be tantamount to signing off on a false document for which there are legal repercussions.

Rudy Giuliani told lawmakers that they have the power to correct this historic wrong even if it costs them their jobs. He said it is analogous to laying down your life for your country on the battle field. He said their bravery would be added to “Profiles in Courage,” a 1956 volume of short biographies describing acts of bravery and integrity by eight United States Senators, credited to then-Senator John F. Kennedy, but largely ghostwritten by Ted Sorensen. Kennedy is widely listed as the sole author and won the Pulitzer Prize for the work.

Arizona is due to certify election results today. The Trump team is asking that they not take that step especially in Maricopa county.