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German Shepherd rescued from island in Vero Beach

Vero Beach Police Department
Vero Beach Police Department

VERO BEACH, FL– The Vero Beach Police Department is reporting that a German Shepherd that was left stranded on an island has been rescued.
Authorities say they received several calls about a dog on the loose on Memorial Island beginning on February 24th.
VBPD Animal Control began conducting several foot patrols to locate the animal but could not retrieve it.
According to the report, the animal would run away and hide the moment it heard noise.
Animal control then left dog food and water behind for the dog and also set a dog trap.
The public was advised about the trap and told not to touch it.
A business owner was on his boat around 11:00 a.m. Tuesday when he decided to go check the trap. When he did, he noticed the dog secured inside.
Authorities have taken to the dog to the Humane Society for observation. If the dog’s owner can not be located, it will then be put up for adoption.