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Gas prices fall in Palm Beach County as oil prices drop below $100 a barrel

Oil Prices
(AP Photo/Amy Sancetta, File)

UPDATE: Gas prices in South Florida are falling to below 4 bucks a gallon at some stations.
The price for a gallon of regular was lowered over night to between $3.99 and $4.29 depending on where you live in Palm Beach County.
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Yesterday, the cost of oil dropped  below $100 a barrel, however, gas prices are still high. Especially in South Florida.

President Joe Biden tweeted Wednesday he wants to see gas prices drop faster as oil prices fall.

10 days ago, in Florida, the average price rose from $3.51 to $4, reaching record highs. Since then drivers have been feeling the impacts.

But some relief could be coming after possible ceasefire talks between Russia and Ukraine.

U.S. Crude Oil have dropped below $96 a barrel. Last week oil was hovering around $130 a barrel, the highest we’ve seen since 2008. However, there may be some lag time till drivers start feeling the relief.