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Full Rigor: Where is Jennifer Kesse?

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I need your help with an unsolved missing persons case in Florida of a tall, beautiful, green-eyed blond girl named Jennifer Kesse.
Jennifer Joyce Kesse went missing 15 years ago from her newly purchased condo in Orlando and has been missing since January 23, 2006.
This is a screen grab from surveillance video of the suspect after he parked her car at a nearby apartment comples.

Kesse suspect
Kesse abduction suspect

Here is a newly discovered evidence photo which apparently shows someone was thrown on the hood of Jennifer Kesse’s car and appears that their fingers dragged down the hood.
Kesse car hood

Also, here is a time progression photo of what Jennifer Kesse would look like today, fifteen years after her disappearance.

Jennifer Kessi aged photo

Listen to Full Rigor, “Where’s Jennifer Kesse” here.