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Full Rigor: Till Death Do Us Part, the “Facebook Killer”

Derek Medina
Defendant Derek Medina sits in Miami-Dade court, Tuesday Nov. 10, 2015, for opening statements in his murder trial, in Miami, Fla. Medina says he shot his wife in August 2013 in self-defense before allegedly posting a photo of her body on Facebook. Prosecutors say that Medina shot his wife coldly during an argument and that he was an accomplished boxer with little to fear from his wife. (Walter Michot/The Miami Herald via AP, Pool)

A Miami-Dade couple has a rocky marriage that ends in divorce.
Derek and Jennifer
Then, they remarry and that union ends in murder as seen on Facebook and their home security camera.
derek post

Listen to Full Rigor Episode 124 here.

Episode 124: Till Death Do Us Part on Facebook