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Full Rigor: The Rosary Murder

Ireland Prayer Vigil
A nun holds Rosary beeds during the Rosary Procession. (AP Photo/Peter Morrison)

On this episode of Full Rigor, Karen and Jen talk to retired Palm Beach County homicide detective Fred DiLoreto about the rape and murder of a West Palm Beach fifth grader in 1984.

Yolanda Santos was taken from her school by a man who claimed to be her uncle, and ended up dumped in the woods after being raped and strangled.

The one item that helped identify her bones was a rosary Yolanda’s family recognized as belonging to the missing child.

Listen to Full Rigor  “The Rosary Murder” here.–The-Rosary-Murder

DiLoreto was named “Detective of the Year” for his work on Yolanda Santos case.