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Full Rigor: The Pulitzer Prize Fight

Roxanne Pulitzer, Peter Pulitzer
Roxanne Pulitzer testifies at her divorce hearing as husband Peter Pulitzer casts a watchful eye in Palm Beach County Circuit Court, Nov. 3, 1982. (AP Photo/Palm Beach Post Pool/Karen Borchers)

The Pulitzers were awarded recently, so I thought it would be a great time to tell you about the Pulitzer family…there’s always a South Florida connection.

Roxanne Pulitzer’s tales of sordid sexual behavior and drug and alcohol abuse littered headlines around the world in the 1980’s.
When the “Pulitzer Prize Fight” was over, Roxanne lost custody of her two children and was exiled from the world of wealth and privilege on Palm Beach.

She was known forevermore as “The Strumpet with the Trumpet.”

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