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Full Rigor: Rough Night in Sunrise – Florida man disembowels his girlfriend

Fidel Lopez
Ahead of his sentencing, Lopez apologized to Nemeth’s family through a translator, according to a report. (Broward Sheriff’s Office)

This episode of Full Rigor features Tequila, blood and guts in Broward county.

A Sunrise man in an alcoholic blackout goes bananas on his girlfriend in her apartment closet pulling feet of intestine out of her body.

state attorney's office
Crime scene photo from inside the apartment at Colonnade Residences in Florida where Fidel Lopez disemboweled and killed his girlfriend, Maria Nemeth, after she said her ex-husband’s name during sex on September 19, 2015. (Broward State Attorney’s Office)

Listen to the chilling interrogation here.  WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT!