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Full Rigor Podcast: Just Desserts for two Killers and a Prince

Britain Prince Andrew
A combination photo of the front-pages of British newspapers on Thursday Nov. 21, 2019 headlining the scandal surrounding Britain’s Prince Andrew. Lawyers for victims of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein say Britain’s Prince Andrew should speak to U.S. investigators immediately, after the prince withdrew from royal duties over what he called his “ill-judged association” with the convicted pedophile. (AP Photo)

Two convicted child murderers drop dead in Florida prisons (one on death row, the other serving life) and a South Florida woman takes down Prince Andrew.
The death row inmate, Joe Smith, was waiting to be executed for the kidnapping, rape and murder of 11-year-old Carlie Brucia in Sarasota in 2004.
Joe Smith kidnaps Carlie Brucia
And a Palm Beach County woman sues Prince Andrew for battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

She alleges she was trafficked to and sexually abused by the blue blood at the behest of Jeffrey Epstein.
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Episode 120: Just Desserts for two Killers and a Prince