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Full Rigor Podcast: Boynton Beach Beauty Queen Killer

For seven weeks in 1984, Christopher Wilder hunted vulnerable young women across nine different states before being fatally shot upon his arrest.
He started his killing spree in Boynton Beach.

In 1969, 24-year-old Wilder moved to Boynton Beach, Florida, where he made a fortune in construction work and real estate. He purchased a Porsche 911 which he raced, a speedboat, and a luxurious bachelor pad.

Developing an interest in photography, Wilder also bought several high-end cameras. This “hobby” would soon become key in luring beautiful women back to his home.

On Feb. 26, 1984, Wilder embarked on a seven-week-long cross-country trip, during which he murdered at least eight women, all aspiring models. This earned him the ominous moniker of “The Beauty Queen Killer.”

Wilder’s first victim was 20-year-old Rosario Gonzales, who was working at the Miami Grand Prix in which Wilder was a contestant. Gonzales was last seen leaving the racetrack with him.

On March 5, 23-year-old former Miss Florida and high school teacher Elizabeth Kenyon disappeared. Kenyon was last seen by a gas station attendant filling her car.
The attendant gave a description to authorities which sounded exactly like Wilder. The attendant also explained that Kenyon and the man were planning a photo shoot in which Kenyon would model.

Finally, on April 13 at a gas station in Colebrook, New Hampshire, Wilder was recognized by two state troopers. As they approached him, Wilder leaped into his car and grabbed a .357 magnum…listen to the Full Rigor Podcast to find out what happened next.