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Full Rigor: Murf the Surf, from murder to mercy

Jack Roland Murphy
Jack Roland Murphy, better known as “Murph the Surf,” sits in front of his prized 1984 Cadillac Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006 near his home in Crystal River, Fla. Jack became famous as a surfer in the early ’60’s,winning many surfing championships but fell into a fast crowd and soon became an international celebrity by breaking into the American Museum of Natural History and stealing the world’s biggest sapphire, the Star of India , and the DeLong Ruby, the Eagle Diamond, and the Midnight Sapphire. After being released from 19 years in prison Murphy spends most of his time as international director for Champions for Life, a prison ministry which takes him around the world visiting prisons where he preaches and counsels inmates. (AP Photo/Phil Sandlin)

Jack Roland Murphy, affectionately known as “”Murf the Surf” was a jewel thief, convicted murderer, surfing champion, musician, author and artist.

He was a charismatic double murderer who some say conned his way out of Florida’s prison system by finding God.

His true crime story reads like a Hollywood movie script, oh wait…it was.   Listen to Full Rigor:  Murf the Surf, from murder to mercy here.

Murf the Surf