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Full Rigor: Family fights to keep Shannon Melendi’s killer behind bars

This week on Full Rigor, the tragic, creepy and unbelievable story about a young co-ed from Miami who went missing in Georgia after a softball game in the early 1990’s.
She was a student at Emory University and she was earning some extra cash by working at the game, and the umpire behind home plate, apparently took a shine to young 19 year old Shannon Melendi.
Shannon Melendi
Apparently, this creepy umpire, Butch Hinton, was calling balls and strikes and not even looking at the pitcher or home plate because he had his eyes on Shannon who was working as a score keeper.
Shannon went missing after that softball game and her body has never been found. Hinton was finally convicted of her murder a decade later. It was the first murder conviction in George where there was no body or crime scene. Hinton received a life sentence with the possibility of parole. According to Georgia law, Hinton will be released from prison in about nine more years after serving 25 years. However, he regularly goes before the parole board seeking an earlier release. Something that seems like a life sentence for the Melendi family who is now morning the loss of Shannon’s mom, Yvonne Melendi, who passed away from COVID-19 complications last week.

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Episode 107: The mysterious disappearance of Shannon Melendi