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Full Rigor Episode 94: Losing Streak Lois and spontaneous human combustion

Husband Killed Fugitive
FILE – In this undated file photo provided by the South Padre Island, Texas, Police Department shows Lois Riess, of Blooming Prairie, Minn. A grand jury in Minnesota indicted the 57-year-old woman who authorities allege fatally shot her husband before fleeing to Florida and killing a woman there. Riess led authorities on a cross-country manhunt before she was captured in Texas on April 19, 2018, at a South Padre Island waterfront restaurant by two federal deputy marshals. (South Padre Island Police Department via AP, File)

Lois Riess, aka Losing Streak Lois, is a chameleon and convicted killer grandmother with a gambling problem.
She murdered her husband, 54-year-old Dave Riess, shot him multiple times in the chest. His body was found in their blooming prairie bathroom in Minnesota on March 24th 2018.
Then Lois traveled from Blooming Prairie, Minnesota to Snug Harbor Florida near Fort Myers. There she befriended a woman who looked like her twin. She killed her too with the same gun she used on her husband, and then assumed her identity. Lois was the subject of a nationwide manhunt soon after her husband was found shot at the couple’s Blooming Prairie worm farm.

Find out the ultimate fate of Losing Streak Lois on this episode of Full Rigor, a Florida true crime podcast with Karen Curtis.

Also, a former Miami lawyer whose pants spontaneously combusted, caught on fire, during an arson trial several years ago, has now been arrested for cocaine possession.

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