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Fugitive arrested after commenting of police Facebook page

AP PhotoJohn Raoux (20)
Tulsa Police Department

A “most wanted” Oklahoma fugitive was tracked down and arrested after she commented on a police Facebook page about her case.

The Tulsa Police Department featured their “fugitive of the week” Wednesday as Lorraine Graves, who was wanted for Accessory to Murder in the homicide of Eric Graves.

Later that day, Graves commented on the post asking why they did not offer an award for her arrest.

At least one person on the Facebook page advised Graves to stay off of social media if she wanted to stay hidden but it was too late.

Authorities tracked Graves down near 36th St. N. and Garrison Ave about an hour after her comment was posted.

She has been arrested and taken to the Tulsa County Jail on a bond $500,000.

Detectives already arrested Jayden Hopson and Gabriel Hopson for his murder but were previously unable to locate Lorraine.

If convicted, she faces up to 45 years in prison.