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Fraud victim tracks down suspect

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Stuart Police Department

A Stuart area woman who noticed several fraudulent charges on her bank card, was able to track down the suspect and turn him over to police.

According to the report, the victim noticed the charges on April 13 that came from a WaWa gas station on Federal Highway in Stuart.

The woman then went to the store and was able to gather information on the suspect’s vehicle.

She then returned to the gas station the next day at the same time the charges were made, hoping that the suspect would return.

The woman noticed the exact vehicle that the suspect was driving pull up to a pump for gas.  A man then hopped out of the vehicle and start pumping.

As he did that, he also threw several credit cards into the trash.

The woman then got a fraud alert on her phone from the same gas station which allowed her to confirm that the suspect was the person at the pump.

She then called police.

The suspect was identified as Rosniel Jimenez Gonzalez. He has since been arrested and charged with trafficking or possessing counterfeit credit cards, unlawful conveyance of fuel, obtaining fuel by fraud, fraudulent use of credit card more than two times within six months, and unlawful possession of personal ID of five or more persons.