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FPL: Power Grid is Ready for Hurricane Season

Winter Weather Florida
. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

This week marks the start of the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season and we can expect a rainy, windy weekend thanks to a potential storm that began as Hurricane Agatha over Mexico.
Jen and Bill spoke with an expert from FPL, Marshall Hastings, about our power grid ahead of the storm.

Florida Power & Light Company customers now have more reliable electric service because their neighborhood overhead power lines were moved underground with more widespread undergrounding planned for the years ahead, according to FPL.

Hastings says trees and vegetation coming into contact with overhead power lines and equipment were the leading cause of outages when Hurricane Irma slammed Florida in 2017.

FPL says much of the power grid has been hardened and put underground since 2018.

Neighborhood power lines are chosen for the program based on past hurricane outage performance, a history of vegetation-related interruptions and other reliability factors.

Hastings also warned about generator safety for FPL customers who do lose power.

Listen to the full interview with FPL’s Marshall Hastings here.