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FOX’s Janice Dean Sounds off about Gov. Cuomo with Jen and Bill LIVE

During a virtual news conference Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo claimed that “there’s nothing to investigate” regarding the cover-up to which Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa confessed during a video conference call with Democratic lawmakers last week.

FOX News’ Janice Dean slammed Cuomo as a “liar” for never directly addressing the that his top aide admitted withholding data about grossly under-reporting 15,000 nursing home deaths amid a federal probe. Dean’s husband lost both his parents who were infected in separate nursing homes. She is calling for a federal investigation.

Janice Dean
Listen to Jen and Bill’s full interview with Janice Dean here.

In recorded remarks, DeRosa admitted “we froze” over whether to come clean about nursing home deaths in the face of a Justice Department inquiry — also repeated his defense of a much-criticized March 25 directive from the Health Department for nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients discharged from hospitals.

Cuomo said there’d been “much distortion” regarding the since-rescinded order, which he said was issued by “professionals doing the best they could” and following guidance from the federal government.

Cuomo also again claimed that the state had always reported the number of nursing home residents killed by COVID-19 — even though it only began releasing figures on those who died in hospitals after a damning report last month by state Attorney General Letitia James, a fellow Democrat.

This past year, there is a toxic political environment and everything is political,” Cuomo said during the news conference in Albany.

“There is political positions and there are facts.”

Cuomo repeatedly said he took responsibility for “the void” of official information that he claimed led to conspiracy theories and “disinformation” amid the pandemic.

“No excuses. I accept responsibility for that. I’m in charge,” he said.

Just how “in charge” Cuomo is may be in jeopardy.

A law granting Gov. Andrew Cuomo oversight of the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is set to expire at the end of April. But Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay does not think the legislature should wait that long.

Barclay on Sunday called on the legislature to cancel its mid-winter break and hold a special session to rescind Cuomo’s enhanced authority to oversee and respond to the crisis.

“There is vocal, bipartisan support in both houses to finally end Gov. Cuomo’s emergency powers and restore the Legislature to a co-equal branch of government,” Barclay said in a statement.

“Members of the Assembly and Senate Republican conferences have been calling for this for months. It should not have taken a national scandal to compel Democrats to take this overdue step, but it has never been more obvious that the time has arrived.”