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Fort Pierce police officer on administrative leave after hitting child with cruiser

Police Car With Red And Blue Warning Lights

PORT ST LUCIE, FL– A Fort Pierce police officer has been placed on administrative leave after allegedly hitting a child with their patrol car, failing to report it, and then lying about it.
The department began investigating the incident after the child’s mother claimed her child was riding a bike near Southwest Becker Road and Savona Boulevard, when he was struck by the officer.
According to the report, the officer got out of his vehicle and asked the child if he was OK. The officer then offered the child a band-aid before leaving the scene when the child said they were fine.
The department used surveillance video and GPS technology to determine which officer was involved in the incident.
Officer Erik Arellano was determined to be the officer who was in the area at the time, however, he denied being involved in any accidents.
When questioned about the scratches on his bumper, the officer reported that he was not sure where they came from and again denied being involved in an accident.
Once authorities told Arellano that he matched the description given to them by the child, he then admitted to being involved in the crash.
Arellano has since been placed on administrative leave.
The child is said to be on the mend. According to the report, he was left with a sore hit and scrapes on his right elbow.